Schlagwort: #Batch Tools


My-Hobby.Tips folgen Wbusy.exe version 1.02 (c) 2008-2012, Horst Schaeffer —————————————————– This little program displays a busy indicator window while a time-consuming batch process is running. Weiterlesen


My-Hobby.Tips folgen Wbox – Ver. 1.11 – Message box for batch – (c) 2011-2013, Horst Schaeffer ————————————————————————- Wbox displays a window with a message text Weiterlesen

CmdFocus ver. 1.1

My-Hobby.Tips folgen CmdFocus ver. 1.1 (c) 2008-2010, Horst Schaeffer ———————————————— CmdFocus brings the current console window to the foreground and sets the keyboard focus *). Weiterlesen